how to get rid if carpenter ants

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

It is often believed that termites play the main role when it comes to damaging wood. Although this can be true for some cases, it is not true for all cases. People often overlook or ignore the carpenter ant. A species of ant that can carve its way into wooden structures to make a nest. Often these nests contain several galleries and chambers for an entire colony to live in. They have a liking for sweet foods and can be seen scavenging when the colony inflates.

Carpenter ants can create several colonies. These often contain the queen, larvae, and pupae. Another colony can split off from the main colony called the satellite colony. Unlike the main colony, the satellite colony prefers drier spaces. It can be an issue for many homeowners as there is no one place where they can be found in the house, but several. Professionals are needed to assess the situation and to take measures accordingly. 

Colonies of ants can have an army of thousands and the creatures can do considerable damage, weakening structures, and causing extensive, costly damage to your home.

Carpenter ants typically use unsealed openings around wires and utility pipes to gain entry to your home, as well as using overhanging tree branches as a bridge to your roof.

Once carpenter ants colonies entered your home, it is very difficult and impossible to get them out of the house without external professional help. This is why it is important to recognize the signs early on so you can call for help on time. 

The best way to get rid of carpenter ants in the first place is to prevent them from coming in. By doing the following: 


•Have all leaks fixed, including around pipes, drainage systems, and on your roof.

•If there are areas in your home where there are high moisture levels, take action to reduce moisture, such as installing dehumidifiers.

•Where possible, move wood stores or wooden structures that are in contact with the soil outside your home. If you have a firewood store, keep it elevated up off the ground.

•Cut back tree branches and undergrowth that overhangs or touches your house. That will remove potential bridges that could be used by carpenter ants to gain entry to your home.

•Make sure that any cracks in your home’s foundation are sealed.

A good pest exterminator will carry out a home assessment for you and will recommend a carpenter ant exclusion strategy. Pest control professionals will have access to formulas that are effective as opposed to over-the-counter products. The main issue is that professionals have a special license due to stringent limitations imposed on buying professional industry-standard repellants. Commercial products are diluted by law and may not be as effective as it claims to be. This causes people to spend hundreds of dollars on products that in the end won’t resolve anything. Professionals know where to look and what to apply to effectively rid the property of ants for good. Professionals can also consult people on what preventive measures to take to make sure they do not return. If you need a professional pest control service call the technicians from Pest Control Peterborough and we’ll be on our way as soon as possible!