How Old Can Raccoons Live to Be

How Old Can Raccoons Live to Be?

Generally speaking, raccoons live up to five years in the wild. This can depend on various factors such as the availability of food and predators that target the raccoons themselves. Now, this number can almost double in urban areas where food and water are in abundance and pretty much anywhere. In captivity, the raccoon can approximately live up to almost twenty years. This comes with caveats though. Seen the abundance of food, many raccoons display signs of diabetes which can reduce their life expectations.

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This is very much the same as what humans are going through in developed countries. Raccoons in urban areas are very dependent on human food sources and are known to pillage and plunder dumpsters, garbage bags, and bins. For example, the city of Toronto has created such a reputation for the omnivore that it has gotten the nickname “Raccoon City”. Raccoons that are in major cities rely on human-made structures as well for their survival and this contributes to their longevity as well. In nature, raccoons normally search for abandoned structures or tree hollows to pass their winters in.

In urban areas, raccoons have gotten spoiled and have been upgrading their housing by breaking into our own housing to pass a comfy stay.  When raccoon season is in full force during the spring and the winter, expect to see more break-ins in notably your attic. What people often forget is that raccoons are wildlife animals that can be aggressive and display unpredictable behaviour s. This same behaviour can also contribute to a shortening of the raccoon’s lifespan. Raccoons are unfortunately the victim of a lot of run-ins with cars which results in death in the majority of cases. As the number of raccoons seems to mount, so will the number of unnatural deaths.

Raccoons can damage the attic in ways you would not expect from the furry animal. They leave feces and urine everywhere and heavily deteriorate the structural integrity of the attic. They will also turn the attic into a true cesspit since they can do whatever they want without someone stopping them. Raccoons will come in and out and will bring in foreign objects to contaminate the space even further. To get rid of raccoons, professional intervention is needed.

Raccoons as earlier mentioned before will break into attics and sheds. If you spot a wild raccoon in either one of them, you need to call a professional wildlife technician specialized in the safe removal of raccoons. Exterminator Peterborough is dedicated to the humane and ethical removal of all wildlife and takes the safety of all wildlife very seriously. Call us for more information and to schedule an appointment.