Do Home Flea Treatments Work?

Some home flea treatments can be very effective, but most of them have just a temporary effect. The issue with home treatments is that most people do not go directly to the source and will just spray on site when they see a flea or see signs on their pets. Cat, dogs, rabbits and every pet in between can be a host. The eggs can be very problematic since these eggs can be dormant as well which means that it will take some time for them to hatch. There are multiple sprays and chemicals on the market that promise to get rid of all the fleas by purchasing their product. The issue is that the number of fleas easily can outnumber the amount of product in the container of package.

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Natural alternatives can also be very effective, but it relies heavily on a number of factors and circumstances. What might work for the other [person might not work for you. Fleas are very stubborn insects and will not budge until an more aggressive solution is used.

Below you can find some home treatments for fleas

Flea traps are a great alternative from all the toxic and damaging chemicals. However, caution should be when trying out these methods as these methods are no a complete and effective substitute for actual pest control experts. This is because fleas can lay up to a whopping 50 eggs a day which can equal to 2000 eggs a year. Pest Control Technicians emphasize on hiring a flea-remover expert that can completely eradicate cockroach presence in a short time after eradication.


Cats love this, and so will you! Spread these around your plants.


Known for its calming properties in beverages such as teas, chamomile also helps to keep fleas at bay.


Citronella is used to repel mosquitoes, while the claim is somewhat murky, it is said to be effective


These beautiful flowers put off a natural chemical called pyrethrum that repels fleas, ticks and other insects.


Eucalyptus is another oil that is used in aroma therapy, it is effective the ward of fleas as well!


The sweet smell of mint attracts humans, but it’s overpowering for fleas. Just about any member of the mint family works to keep them away.


This plant has been auspicious in many native American cultures, and is said to be great against fleas!

While home treatments are effective, they are not always reliable as the efficacy depends on a number of factors. To guarantee flea removal, contact the flea removal experts at Exterminator Peterborough! Call our customer service specialists to schedule a visit and to receive a free consultation over the phone!