Do baby mice carry diseases

Do baby mice carry diseases

Mouse dangers

Mice are a serious and dangerous infestation to have in a residential home. They can reproduce rapidly taking only three or four weeks to go from insemination to birth and can have a litter of up to 8 or more babies. Those babies can then go from infants to adults in only 14 days and are ready to mate again immediately after that. They can fill a house with mice in just a few months and are very hard to notice without seeing a live mouse running across the floor. There are ways to tell but you need to take the initiative to inspect your home for pests. If you are going to inspect you need to know what you are looking for. Mouse feces is tiny, about the size of a grain of rice, is black or dark brown and will often be in the bottom cabinets of the kitchen or corners of the basement. 

Signs of mouse activity

If you find signs of mice in your home remember how quickly they can reproduce. Trying to use snap traps or glue traps is not going to get rid of them as they can only catch one or two mice at a time. You will either need to lay out hundreds of baited snap traps or call a professional company that can do a commercial treatment using commercial-grade rodenticide bait. This bait is designed to attract the mice through smell and taste and when eaten will cause the mice to feel dehydrated. They will either leave the house looking for water or return to their nests in the walls where they will desiccate entirely. This is much faster and more efficient as all the mice in the house can feed on the bait simultaneously. This will reduce the population and if kept up and rebated regularly can bring the population down to zero. 

Do baby mice carry diseases
Baby mice carry not only diseases like dangerous bacteria and viruses, but they also carry parasites like fleas and ticks. Ticks are very dangerous as they can cause Lyme Disease which can only be treated within the first twenty-four hours. After that, it is untreatable and deadly.

Mice will come back 

That is not the end of it though. Mice are a seasonal infestation and can enter through open doors, weep vents which are mortals holes between bricks, open wall vents and foundation gaps. The only way to ensure that you never get mice again is to seal these entryways using the appropriate tools and materials. If you call the right company they can do it for you and even give the exclusion a warranty. This will be a permanent solution to mice in your house as they will never be able to get in again. 

Mice diseases and parasites 

Mice are a dangerous infestation. It’s not just a fable. Mice feces contains many bacteria and viruses; the most common is the hantavirus, a dangerous respiratory illness. Mice can also carry an exhaustive list of parasites. This can include ticks, which can bite a human and give them Lyme disease, an incurable disease that is painful and deadly. They can carry fleas which carry dangerous blood-borne illnesses that can be passed on from the mice to you. This is the primary reason to get rid of them. Nothing is more dangerous to you, your children and your pets than a rodent infestation. Whatever you can do to get rid of them do it, and if you try domestic treatments and they are not gone within a month you need to call a professional.