Crushing Cockroaches Releases Eggs

People wonder whether crushing cockroaches releases eggs. no this is not the case (pun not intended). eggs are not stored inside of them as with many other insects or animals for that matter. cockroach eggs are stored in hard cases known as the otheeca. Otheecae can house up to various amounts of eggs that can hatch after a certain amount of time has passed. what can happen is when cockroaches are crushed the otheecae can be released out of the body of the cockroach.

Ootheca is very hard to spot and are almost impossible to see with the naked eye since they are small translucent blobs that can be stuck to any kind of surface possible. In most extreme cases cockroach eggs can be even found stuck to clothing and to furniture which in a bad situation since call cockroaches can be hard to find when they are in the furniture.

How Often do Cockroach eggs hatch and how many eggs do cockroaches produce?

The frequency of how often cockroach eggs hatch and the amount of cockroach eggs that he single cockroach mother can produce varies on the species of cockroaches that produces these eggs. for example, the female American cockroach gives eggs about one ootheca each month for 10 months and these oothecae contain about 16 eggs per egg case. when the cockroach mother is pregnant, the cockroach murderer will carry these eggs with her until she can deposit these eggs at a safe destination.

This is in strong contrast to the German cockroach. the German cockroach produces way more eggs than the American cockroach and has the most eggs out of all the common cockroaches out there. and thus she can be carrying 30 to 40 eggs in each ootheca. Many people resort to natural solutions which can be effective depending on how people go about it.

The life stages of the Cockroach

The cycle of the cockroach consists of three main stages. these are the egg stage, nymph stage, adult stage. All cockroaches all go through this life cycle. Cockroaches have an average lifespan of 6 to 16 months.
As was told earlier the number of eggs a single cockroach is able to produce can vary on the cockroach species however it can be said that on average a cockroach can produce up to 20 to 50 eggs. since these oothecae are also sticky as well they can be found under multiple places such as stoves bathrooms pantries they can be even glued to the ceiling furniture and walls as well. Cockroaches are fierce and hardy creatures where nothing gets in their way.

It can take the cockroach about one to two months to hatch until it reaches the nymph stage. during the game stage snips can shatter skin which is called moults. These eggs are  translucent and white in colour. the new stage can last about 90 days on average.

After that, the adult stage is up which causes the most damage around the house. If you want to get rid of cockroaches, professional help is needed. Call 705-535-0854.