Can mice live under fridge

Can Mice Live Under Fridge

Mice are a seriously problematic infestation that can not only make you sick but can damage your home irreparably. Mice enter your home most often when it’s cold and look for places that are warm. This can include living under the fridge but they will most likely live in side wall cavities where they can nest in the insulation which is warmer than under the fridge.

Mice Dangers

That being said they can chew on and damage wires and plumbing pipes like the ones connected to your dishwasher which can cause flooding. If they chew on electrical wires in the walls they can actually cause a fire in your wall which is very hard for the fire department to put out before your house burns entirely. Most home insurance does not cover rodent infestation so you could lose everything and have no funds to get it back. 

Mouse reproduction 

Mice are capable of reproducing rapidly which makes them an infestation that cannot be resolved domestically with snap traps, glue traps or capture traps. A female mouse, once inseminated needs only three to four weeks to give birth to a litter of up to ten babies.

The danger of mice does not just stop at feces and illness. They live in your walls and can chew electrical wires causing power outages, loss of internet and even a fire in the wall or attic. this kind of fire is very hard to put out and will leave your house a smoking wreck.


These babies only need two weeks to grow to full maturity where they can mate and have new babies rapidly. This means a single mouse can cause an infestation of hundreds and these numbers keep increasing even as you try to resolve the problem yourself. Snap traps can only catch one mouse at a time, a glue trap can catch two or three but in that time more mice will be born. Like a hydra, cut off one head and two more will replace it. 

Mouse treatment 

The only way to properly treat mice is with a commercial-grade treatment. A commercial treatment is different from domestic treatments as it uses a high-grade poison that only licensed exterminators can use and it has more active ingredients than any domestic poison on the market and is also safer. The technician will inspect your home for areas of high activity and lay down tamper-proof bait stations that contain this commercial-grade rodenticide. The mice will be able to eat it all at once allowing the entire population of the house to be affected. 

Commercial treatment and exclusion of entryways. 

When they eat it they will feel sick and dehydrated. They will either leave the house looking for water or return to their nests in the walls where they will die. This is much faster than any other option and in just four weeks a small infestation can be dealt with before it gets bigger and will also protect your food from being eaten.

Long Term Protection

If the infestation is large then it may take more than one rebating which is covered under a warranty that is usually six months long. Make sure that whatever company you hire offers that warranty, as well as an inspection of the exterior of the house where the technician will inspect for openings or entryways mice, can use to get into the house. Sealing these entryways will stop mice from getting into the house in the future.